Tuesday, September 9, 2008

International Photography Awards

I am sharing 3 honorable mentions in the 2008 International Photography Awards!

Two of Gary Breckheimer's ("Sacrifice in the Park", and "I lost MY..."), and one of Peter Bajzek's ("Spine").

I feel so grateful to have contributed my part to create just a little more beauty and artistry in this world, no matter how small.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Classes, Cakes and Computers

I'm starting into the third week of classes, and routine is starting to comfortably settle in. Including (gasp) homework. Which, considering the schedule I'll have even next semester, is cake. Really bland cake, but still cake. I'm taking Intermediate Algebra and Intro Psychology.

Then I registered for Concert Choir, and took a shot at auditioning for the Chamber Choir, and made it in! It's a far cry from the quality of choirs I was in in H.S., believe it or not, but after being out of singing for over 2 years, I am quite happy with where I am starting up again. It will provide me with a great foundation to audition for other community choirs, and the Concert Choir and Chamber Singers at the University of Minnesota when I transfer there in a year or so.

Speaking of cakes, it's my dear Grandma's birthday today. She's 69, and as lively, happy and rambunctious as ever. Happy Birthday, Gram.

I finally got my computer, wiped clean and as good as new, and its up and running. I'm in the process of loading all my modeling pictures from CDs and off the web. It gives me the modeling itch...

...which is slightly satiated by looking at the prints Dave Levingston just sent me from our trip out west. They make me absolutely giddy, and tremedously proud of our work together.

Many of you have probably seen this posted on Dave's blog, but I'm sure y'all wont mind to see this splendid image he captured, once again.