Monday, January 26, 2009

re: Goals

As expected, I am often to preoccupied with the dramatics of day-to-day life (primarily tedious algebra homework...bah...) to participate in this blog as much as I would like. But trust me, I keep up with all the wonderful writings of my dear friends and collaborators, and enjoy and wish for all the continued success and happiness you create for yourselves.

I mentioned in a few entries back in my Goals to Complete in 5 Years, that I would like to be published in a respected fine art magazine. I'm ecstatic to say that this winter season I'm not only published in one fine art magazine, but two!

Tom Lane
's photograph is published in Carrie Leigh's NUDE Winter 09 issue on the very last page in the "Nude Around the World" section.

And traveling companion and good buddy Dave Levingston's Mountain Stream photograph is getting published in the Jan/Feb 09 issue of French PHOTO, which you may have already read about on his blog.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with these talented photographers in helping to create beautiful art, and so proud to share these successes with them!


I finally got to see Shakespeare on the real stage last night! For Matt's birthday, we went to see "The Two Gentlemen of Verona" at the Guthrie. It was also my first time at the new Guthrie as well, so that was quite pleasant. The roles of "Valentine" (Sam Bardwell) and "Proteus" (Jonas Goslow) we played superbly. But the most spectacular performance was portrayed by "Julia" (Sun Mee Chomet). I highly recommend it, Minneapolis dwellers!

Alright, off I go again to do the tango with Algebra...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Walk along these weary leaves with wisdom in where your internal compass directs you. You know not of where you're going, but from the experience of where you've been, you don't worry. Light flows and weaves in every which way, casting shadows off the obstacles you must dodge. They are dim, but lure you. You wonder of the explanation for why something so dark can be so appealing. We are children in the world of the unknown. We draw towards that which fascinates us. The fascination, however, should be towards the distance, not the darkness. Head fast towards that which is bright. There is no time which need be wasted in the unsubstantial weakness of the mind, of the shadows. Be open to the environment that surrounds you, for only a closed mind is dark. Only ignorance is dim. Reach out to the motions and the knowledge that swirl around you and embrace them in your pace towards the distance. Looking to the past is yet another dismal approach to the stride you lead. You only fall when you do not observe where you are walking. The colors that flow around you is another sign that everything will come for a reason. Only when your past dissolves to the presence of the future must you be alert. However, you will know when and if that happens. For you are not in control of anything but yourself. You are in control of how you are handled and how you handle. Know that. Be wise in your journey to the never-ending distance.


Self-portraits and prose.