About Me

Hi there! Thank you for stopping by! My name is Brooke. I am a professional art model, working primarily in the medium of photography. However, I do love working in other mediums (including but not limited to painting, drawing and sculpture), and have done so for art school classes, cooperatives, centers for art and for individual artists. While I do understand and appreciate my role as a subject, I prefer to think of myself as an artist in my own right.

Some topics of importance to me include art creation, art model's rights, yoga, vegetarianism and spirituality. You might see these topics pop up on my blog from time to time. But my writings will mostly be focused on my experiences; the rewards and struggles of being an art model and a young adult in this stigmatized profession.

I have also started on my own photography journey, starting in the fall of 2009. I'm working primarily with black and white film (since I develop all black and white myself), either 35mm or 120. Sometimes I'll dabble in color film, and also digital when I have the opportunity to do so. I am just starting to discover my preferred subject matter - so basically, I photograph anything that catches my eye. You will see some results here as well, probably with increasing frequency.

You might enjoy reading this blog if you are a fellow art model, photographer, artist, Minnesotan, or just enjoy the art, adventures and ramblings of this young woman.

If you are interested in seeing more of my work, you can do so here: