Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year

I hope it will be better than 2009.

And wishing you all the same.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

tis fitting

..that I merrily received more film accessories and goodies this Christmas.

By far, the best and the most used Christmas present I received was a 100ft roll of Tmax 400 35mm film (expired, but hey!, I'm excited to see if I get some awesome fucked up exposures.) and a bulk film loader. We loaded 4 36exp canisters tonight, including one scratched-to-shit roll (that I loaded :D ), and it can probably do 16 more rolls. It may not be medium format, but I can shoot and play and shoot and play....

You saw the last post, on the f - eleven book. I'm very excited to see how it turns out!! Currently, I am flat broke, so I can't see the results for myself anytime soon, but the editing and layout is fantastic (courtesy of Wolf189) , and I've fully previewed the book several times, and every time I am more impressed with it's quality. So buy yourself a copy, and tell me how it is on paper. :)

I need to organize a trip soon. I know just the place to go.


Andrew Kaiser.

Friday, December 25, 2009

f-eleven book

f - eleven : a very diverse and fascinating photography book dedicated to a worthy cause.

cover photo by Dave Rudin


f-11 or f-eleven is a private photography group.
f - eleven books:


This is a rather fascinating collection of photographs made by a group of unique and talented photographers.

All of the profits of the book sales would be donated to "Friends Without a Border" charity.

to order the book:

the full preview:


The promo codes to buy the book with $10.00 off (till the end of December 31)

the promo code must match currency used.

Orders from the US (using US $): GREATGIFT
Orders from UK (using UK £): GREATGIFT2
Orders from EU (using EU €): GREATGIFT3
Orders from AU (using AUD $): GREATGIFT4

Over 260 images
20 photographers
160 pages (premium paper)
8" x 10" (landscape style)

Designed & Edited by WOLF189

featuring the following photographers:

Brooks Ayola ( Polaroid nude portraits )
Ralph Barker ( fine art landscape + still life )
Kincaid Blackwood ( erotic portraits )
Mariah Carle ( fashion + portrait )
Matthew Cherry ( fine art night photography )
Nicole Jaja ( travel + candid portraits )
Leo Lam ( editorial fashion )
Dave Levingston ( fine art nude in nature )
Brooke Lynne ( experimental nude )
Darryl Martin ( fine art thematic portraits )
Ken Mierzwa ( documentary punk rock portraits )
D. Brian Nelson ( personal work )
Trish Noble ( erotic portraits )
Keith Allen Phillips ( fine art fetish portraits )
Collin J. Rae ( fetish + erotic portraits )
Sarah Robertson ( personal work )
Dave Rudin ( fine art nude + travel )
Susan Michele Smith ( fetish+erotic portraits )
Kim Melia von Seidl ( candid portraits+erotic portraits )
Wolf189 ( editorial fashion + erotic portraits )

Also appearing or indirectly participating in the book:

Siouxsie Sioux ( Siouxsie & the Banshees),
Nick Cave ( The Birthday Party, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds ),
Peter Murphy (Bauhaus),
Daniel Ash (Bauhaus),
Henry Rollins (Black Flag) ,
DJ Scary Lady Sarah,
Aria Giovanni , Celeste Star,
Eric Kroll, Sez G.,
Darya Tsaruk @ ModelOne ,
Yuliya @ Elite Hong Kong,
Jemme @ FORD Models,
Brittany Vipond, Scar, Sarah Ellis,
Marell Kull, Fiona Jacob, Tiana Piranha,
Carly Champagne, Kat Love, Leona Anne ,
Acid PopTart, Roseann Kuberski, Becca Hope Ford,
Noelle Elise, Kelsey Dylan , Virginia Red,
Susan Church, Peter Camarena, Engel Schrei,
Mikki, Erin N., Renée, Krystal,
Belky, Lindy, Crash, Ken Doo,
Buddha Ayuttaya, Kess, _G_ , Hessica,
Rachel, Chrystyne,

Few of the Locations:
Tokyo Japan, Nikko Japan, Nara Japan, Luang Namtha Laos, Samye Monastery, Tibet, Thailand, Hoover Dam, Colorado, Las Vegas, Palms Hotel, Nevada, Manhattan Beach, Santa Cruz, California

* "Friends Without A Border" is committed to improving the health and well being of the children of Cambodia by providing quality medical care, extensive outreach and crucial medical education through Angkor Hospital for Children.

Monday, December 21, 2009

the show

Some of you may have already seen this, but I figured since I ranted about shooting a band show last week, I should at least show a result.

There were only a few that turned out, but this is my favorite.

The group is Deepsoul Dieties. They played at Acadia Cafe.

I need to re-scan and re-edit it, as there's a fingerprint on the band member's face in the background. But other than that, I love it.

The night itself, was a bit of madness.
I had a life drawing session immediately preceding the show, and I was actually prepared with directions from the school to Acadia. But googlemaps got it wrong! I don't know how, but it was telling me to turn onto a street that didn't exist. It was very weird. Eventually I found Acadia, but then had to find parking. A nightmare.

I finally get inside of Acadia, and I only have a few minutes before the band is on. The place is pretty packed, and there are a ton of familiar faces and a bunch of friends. I say hi to a few people and then I settle myself close to the rear entrance, which was basically the only place that had a clear shot of the stage. It's only a foot or so higher than ground level, and I'm only 5'5". Cameras are loaded, so I'm taking light readings. They start to play, and I'm trying my best to burn through my Neopan in the 35mm, since I know they're not going to be sharp (even though the 35mm goes down to f1.4), and I have a ton of expired 35mm film I want to use, including a Tmax 3200. I burn through it, rewind it, take the back off, get the film out and in its canaster, put the Tmax in, and for the life of me cannot get the film to catch. It was horrible. I waste 2 songs trying to load that fucking film. sigh.

So I just forget about it, take the film out, put the back on and put it away. I start using the Tmax 100 I had in the lubitel. I burn through that for the same reasons I burned through the neopan 100. Finally I get to use the Delta 3200, so I try to be more precise in what I was shooting, trying to make each one count. Also because it was the last song. It was the photo above that was worth it. Its pretty good for an amateur.

The show itself was awesome. I like their music... it really makes me groove.


Camera: Lubitel
Film: Delta 3200
Developer: Ilfosol

Sunday, December 20, 2009

a few more

Holidays are right around the corner. And I'm a procrastinator and still need to do my shopping.

...there's plenty of time.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Special Packages

I got a pick-up notice from the post office while I was gone.

My lovely pink Holga arrived!

So I waited in line for a half an hour (and after watching a few transactions/interactions, I can understand why Postal Workers go... Postal). And my goodness, its a lovely heap of cheap plastic.

I also cleaned up my Papa's Nikon F, so that's ready to go as well.

Tomorrow I'm going to a concert, and one of the band members asked me to take some photos of them, so I'm going equipped with:

Lubitel 166 loaded with Tmax 100 (120)
Holga loaded with Tmax 400 (120)
Nikon F loaded with Neopan 100 (35)

Films (35mm):
(All of it expired, some of it well stored.)

Superia 1600
Porta 400VC
Elite Crome 100

Tmax 3200
Neopan 100

I might buy a couple more rolls of Black and White 120, probably higher ISO films. I want to start pushing my film and see how that looks. Working in a dark, concert environment seems like a good place to test out high sensitivity film.

I might decide against bringing the Lubitel for various reasons, the most weighing reason being - its weight and lack of neck strap. I've already got to deal with that with the Nikon F, but it should be okay. It should be really interesting to start playing with Color film, but I have no idea what the results will be because of how expired they are. I have quite a few expired rolls (of 35mm) to get through before I can start playing with new color film.


I also received a copy of the book I was published in, "Dimensions of Disclosure." It's nice to see something of my own in print. It's about the quality I expected - nothing fabulous but definitely not disappointing. I believe I'm the only nude in there. There are some very interesting and wonderful self-portraits in there. I'm glad I'm a part of it.

Friday, December 11, 2009

shiny goodness

I'm here in LA at casa de Blum. She had to pick up her hubby at the airport late last night, so we are getting a little bit of late start. I thought blogging would be a good way to kill some time.

Getting here to LA was rough. My flight out of MSP was delayed (because of the snowstorm) so therefore I also missed my connecting flight. What a hassle. Not to mention, I was not feeling good at all. I had a pounding headache, which made me extremely nausous when I moved. Not a good thing when you're in airports all day. I attempted eating, but... my stomach was not having any of it. I barely got off my flight to LA and into the bathroom before it was too late. And whatever it was stuck around until mid-morning yesterday modeling for Sylvie. Have you ever done extreme posing when you have a blistering migraine? Nooooooot fun.

So, that's my dose of whining for today.

So it's mid-to-low 60's here and everyone and their brother are wearing sweatshirts and/or coats. When I went to the coffeeshop, I overheard someone talking to the barista saying they had such a large appetite lately, and they contributed that to the "cold" weather. The barista was convinced and continued to reassure his theory by saying that the body has to work harder to keep itself warm in the chilly weather so therefore you need to injest more calories to make up the difference. Sure.... this is true, but I would think only for the extreme temperatures, not in 60 degree weather. But its all relative.... right?

All I can say is that SoCal residents are a bunch of wimps. And I say that with love.

Tomorrow I'm back on a plane to Minneapolis. I just hope the temperature is above zero.


Sylvie Blum.

Monday, December 7, 2009


Which one do you think is the strongest? why?


A lot of things to do tomorrow, including a life drawing session in the evening. I just hope I don't encounter a white wall of death, as we're supposed to get anywhere from 3-8 inches of snow in the afternoon and evening.

I expect a lot of idiot drivers tomorrow. The snow flies and Minnesotans forget how to drive. Saying it's annoying would be a bit of an understatement.


Camera: Lubitel 166
Film: Delta 100
Developer: Ilfosol 3

f5.6 - 1/15 second


God damn it. If you haven't seen this "movie" yet (if you constitute 45 minutes long enough to be a movie) you're missing out. Its better every time I see it.


self-portraits. / pretty obvious, since they're all out of focus. *shrug*

Camera: Lubitel 166 (when, oh when, will my Holga arrive?)
Film: TMax 100
Developer: TMax (last of the lot. Trying a new developer tomorrow.)

Friday, December 4, 2009


With everything that's been going on in my life the past few months, I've made the decision to not go back to school this next semester.
It'll get done... eventually.

I'm going to be focusing on my modeling full-time again.

I haven't even started to put together a plan, but already decided destinations include:

Allentown, PA
San Francisco

I just need to figure out when and how.

If you want me to come to your area to shoot, hit me up, and lets try to arrange something.


I'm going back out to LA for a quick (4 day) spell with Sylvie next week before she has to submit her book. I'm excited. I think its a lot warmer in LA than in MN right now. :)


Lots and lots of shooting this weekend. I'm going to pump through my remaining 5 rolls of film tonight and tomorrow, which means I have to buy more developer. I'm thinking of going with Rodinal, and I've heard such good things about it, but neither NatCam stores have it, and if I order it online it wont be here for weeks. Maybe I'll just get some Ilfosol 3 or HC-110 for the time being.


AJ Kahn.