Sunday, December 27, 2009

tis fitting

..that I merrily received more film accessories and goodies this Christmas.

By far, the best and the most used Christmas present I received was a 100ft roll of Tmax 400 35mm film (expired, but hey!, I'm excited to see if I get some awesome fucked up exposures.) and a bulk film loader. We loaded 4 36exp canisters tonight, including one scratched-to-shit roll (that I loaded :D ), and it can probably do 16 more rolls. It may not be medium format, but I can shoot and play and shoot and play....

You saw the last post, on the f - eleven book. I'm very excited to see how it turns out!! Currently, I am flat broke, so I can't see the results for myself anytime soon, but the editing and layout is fantastic (courtesy of Wolf189) , and I've fully previewed the book several times, and every time I am more impressed with it's quality. So buy yourself a copy, and tell me how it is on paper. :)

I need to organize a trip soon. I know just the place to go.


Andrew Kaiser.


Shadowscapestudio said...

A couple of years ago I shot some film that expired in 1946(in a frig the whole time). It was only a tad fogged, and it actually created a nice effect. Never pass up free film.
I will email you latter this week.

Dave Rudin said...

Congratulations on the free film, Brooke. Sure beats digital! I've never bulk loaded film, so I have no idea how difficult or easy it is.

As for me, I filed 18 rolls of medium format film into pages this morning (16 rolls of 220, 2 of 120) and I have another 15 to do - plus several dozen more rolls to develop!

Don't you love it???!!! LOL

Regarding the book, I'll be writing about it when I receive my copies (whenever that will be).

brooke lynne said...

Thanks Dave! Yes, never pass up free film! I want to try finding rolls of 220, but haven't had much luck. FWIW, 12 seems like a great number to me. Developing is a world of its own. You have so much extra time to think in between agitating. I haven't started developing 35mm yet, but I've been just trying to burn though it. 36 seems excessive to me right now...

I'm sure it will all change... or maybe not.

Yes tell me how the book turns out! I'll buy one soon, just not as soon as I would hope.

Shadowscapestudio said...

36 is a bugger to get on the developing tank reel. Stick with 24 or less.
And if you have not figured it out yet when loading your own will. Put the tape on the film, go around the spool and stick it on the other side of the film. That way it won't pull loose when you get to the end, which leaves your camera with a lot of film in it and no way to get it back into the canister without fussing around in the dark for a very long time.

Dave Rudin said...

As far as I know, Brooke, the only 220 BW film still made is Kodak TriX320. That's what I use, as I get 20 shots per roll on my Pentax 67. I only get 10 shots with 120, which would require me to change film much too often, and would give me twice the number of rolls to have to develop.

I do use slower 120 films sometimes when the light is bright and I want less depth of field - or when I'm using my Holga! LOL