Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Special Packages

I got a pick-up notice from the post office while I was gone.

My lovely pink Holga arrived!

So I waited in line for a half an hour (and after watching a few transactions/interactions, I can understand why Postal Workers go... Postal). And my goodness, its a lovely heap of cheap plastic.

I also cleaned up my Papa's Nikon F, so that's ready to go as well.

Tomorrow I'm going to a concert, and one of the band members asked me to take some photos of them, so I'm going equipped with:

Lubitel 166 loaded with Tmax 100 (120)
Holga loaded with Tmax 400 (120)
Nikon F loaded with Neopan 100 (35)

Films (35mm):
(All of it expired, some of it well stored.)

Superia 1600
Porta 400VC
Elite Crome 100

Tmax 3200
Neopan 100

I might buy a couple more rolls of Black and White 120, probably higher ISO films. I want to start pushing my film and see how that looks. Working in a dark, concert environment seems like a good place to test out high sensitivity film.

I might decide against bringing the Lubitel for various reasons, the most weighing reason being - its weight and lack of neck strap. I've already got to deal with that with the Nikon F, but it should be okay. It should be really interesting to start playing with Color film, but I have no idea what the results will be because of how expired they are. I have quite a few expired rolls (of 35mm) to get through before I can start playing with new color film.


I also received a copy of the book I was published in, "Dimensions of Disclosure." It's nice to see something of my own in print. It's about the quality I expected - nothing fabulous but definitely not disappointing. I believe I'm the only nude in there. There are some very interesting and wonderful self-portraits in there. I'm glad I'm a part of it.


.mosa said...

the Nikon F is a superb camera. I used to push triX to 1600 and get a fantastic grainy effect

Michael said...

Kodak TX processed in Diafine at 3+3 has a USABLE EI range of 400- 1600…that means that I can rate it at 400 or I can rate it at 1250 if I need to or I can rate it at any in between EI based on subject exposure requirements- there is enough latitude with regards to exposure and development with TX and Diafine that both of these EI are possible for scanning purposes and produce brillant negatives…even one shot right after another on the same roll at a different EI, each would get the same processing time in Diafine.

--From a post on figitalrevolution.com

He also has a video on Diafine agitation. I have a roll of regular Tri-x 400 my second body but it seems I don't shoot enough no-light photos to use it up fast. 1600 in the daylight is too fast!

Stephen Haynes said...

Having done my share of performance photography, a hint in case you need it: Lighting in a concert venue is very, very harsh, with extremes. An "average" reading with a light meter will blow your highlights. So, underexpose by at least a stop to capture the highlights. If you can spot meter, that's a good approach. If not, then if you also have a digicam (horror!), take some test photos at an ISO set for your film and look at the image AND the histogram.