Monday, December 7, 2009


Which one do you think is the strongest? why?


A lot of things to do tomorrow, including a life drawing session in the evening. I just hope I don't encounter a white wall of death, as we're supposed to get anywhere from 3-8 inches of snow in the afternoon and evening.

I expect a lot of idiot drivers tomorrow. The snow flies and Minnesotans forget how to drive. Saying it's annoying would be a bit of an understatement.


Camera: Lubitel 166
Film: Delta 100
Developer: Ilfosol 3

f5.6 - 1/15 second


Z said...

For me, the last one lends itself to more mystery as there are spaces for the places where shadows naturally occur. The eyes move into these areas by following the shadowed lines into forbidden areas they are not normally allowed. Nice work.

RandJ-Photo said...

I like the top one the best. The angle of your body plays with the pattern in the shadows better there.

In teh other two the angle of your body seems to be fighting the angle of the shadows.

Herb said...

Hi Brooke. Your first photo is the most powerful for me. Your body seems to fit most seemlessly with the shade pattern and the pattern on your upper back looks like your lungs are glowing from the inside as if you are partially transparent.

I like all three, but my eye is drawn most strongly to the first.

Chip Willis said...

First - best contrast of body shape vs light and the shapes projected on it. like the shoulders alot too. d

semi234 said...

I'm diggin' the first one the best.

I like its orientation as well as the light play. But I think its that slight elbow bend for the arm on the bottom that seals the deal.

Dave Levingston said...

Yep, I agree with Chip. They are all good. You know I love the second one. But the first is even stronger. The shadows in the foreground are stronger. The line of shadow down your back works very well. And your shoulders are great.

This is all very strong work, Brooke.