Thursday, March 19, 2009


I've been trying to digest some of the 2257 new law. Would figure drawings, paintings and digital manipulations fall under this rule?

Looks like I'm going to have to practice my boring stone face, and be more careful of what I create and post, even in my own self photography. Even though most of my work is relatively safe.

So, I'm pretty sure the last image is safe under the new rule, but is the top image?

I'm going to be entering a self-portrait call for art next week, and it requires 3 photos to be submitted. I'm trying to choose. I might be going in the studio again this weekend for some more fun and creativity.

I miss Erin. I wish she could come in the studio with me.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

i got bit by the creative bug!

self-shot in the studio and self-edited this past weekend.

still learning and refining my eye. some work left to be done. all constructive criticism is appreciated.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Across the Universe

That Beatles song makes me feel like change should be comforting. I rarely feel change as such. I know change is inevitable, and that I should be open to it. Sometimes it takes me a while to adapt.

One change I am always open to is creating art and new ways I can incorporate and satisfy my addiction to challenging myself by posing effectively with my surrounding environment. Matthew usually finds ways to satiate my artistic hunger.

I wonder what we'll create next.

I'm getting excited for spring.

I'm getting excited for the north shore. Matt and I have already dedicated ourselves to one week long camping trip, and at least two long weekends during the summer. I love sleeping outside in the tent, waking up to the crisp, clean air, and listening to the unceasing melody of the lake. I'm not a morning person (especially without my coffee) but I'd jump at the chance to be on the shore for a bright beautiful clear morning sunrise (and if I had some prepared coffee with me, I'd be in heaven!). I had the chance once last year, and it was the highlight of my year.


I had the wonderful opportunity to be featured in the online art magazine, Univers d'Artistes, written by the lovely Unbearable Lightness, here at this link.


I traveled to the Met on Saturday. It was a wonderfully moving experience!

...yeah, of course I didn't actually go to the magnificent Met Opera in NYC (someday!) but I did see it Live in HD! at a movie theater. Stephen Haynes was gracious enough to invite me to a showing of Madama Butterfly by Puccini. Production by the late Anthony Minghella. It was beautiful in every sense, and I was moved to tears. Which, admittedly isn't hard to do sometimes, but still. It was a gorgeous experience. I'm definitely going to see at least one of the live showings of one of next season's productions.

Thank you again, Stephen.


Matthew Scherfenberg.

Dave Swanson.