Thursday, March 19, 2009


I've been trying to digest some of the 2257 new law. Would figure drawings, paintings and digital manipulations fall under this rule?

Looks like I'm going to have to practice my boring stone face, and be more careful of what I create and post, even in my own self photography. Even though most of my work is relatively safe.

So, I'm pretty sure the last image is safe under the new rule, but is the top image?

I'm going to be entering a self-portrait call for art next week, and it requires 3 photos to be submitted. I'm trying to choose. I might be going in the studio again this weekend for some more fun and creativity.

I miss Erin. I wish she could come in the studio with me.


Shadowscapestudio said...

All three images are fine and do not fall under the rules of 2257.
Here is a link to a compliance guide that answers your questions fairly simply.
Drawings, paintings and computer generated images do not fall under it either.
I have not seen an image that you have taken that would have to follow 2257 record keeping rules.

Great images.

Shadowscapestudio said...

Well hell!

Sorry about that.

Stephen Haynes said...

I agree with Dave regarding your own images: beautiful and absolutely innocent under 2257. But Dave is wrong in one regard: computer-generated images are NOT OK if they originate with a photograph of an actual person. They are only OK if they are an entirely digital cartoon creation.

And that compliance guide is worth about 1 cent insofar as telling you everything that 2257 covers, how and why.

We need to have coffee or something to discuss this further.

e-string said...

me too


Cristi said...

I love that middle photo =]

just sayin'