Thursday, October 2, 2008

Goals to Complete in 5 years

It's a big list, but definitely attainable, and I'm sure I will add more.

Fine Arts:

* To get published once in a fine art magazine (Carrie Leigh, Black & White, French Photo, etc.).

* Model for some of the brilliant photographers on the west coast.

* Go to a real Opera.

* Go back to New York and see a real Broadway show.

* See and participate in a lot more theatre.

* See a Shakespeare production.

* Participate in one Slam Poetry session.

* Take tons more pictures and develop my "eye".

Physical Exercise/Activity:

* Run in Grandma's Marathon.

* Go skiing.

* Skydive.

* Rock climb.

* Hike up a mountain.


* Participate in the Two Rivers Chorale.

* Participate in the U of M Chamber Singers.

* Get back into voice lessons and put on a Senior Recital.

* Participate in two years of the N.A.T.S. contest.


* Figure out if I really want to do Nutrition.

* Participate in the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program.

* Get (at least) a B average in all Chemistry courses.

* Study abroad for at least a semester in a french speaking country.

* Graduate from the University of Minnesota, (at least) Cum Laude.


HUNT19 said...

nice blog!!
i hope u achieve ur goals:)
n u r beautiful!

Dave Rudin said...

Hi, Brooke.

I used to be a subscriber at the Metropolitan Opera, so if you'd like to go to an opera here with someone else, I'd be happen to join you and/or make recommendations. (I used to be a performer at the Met Opera, too.)

I need to go to more Broadway shows, myself.

Good luck with your other goals. My work has been publised in French PHOTO and the Carrie Leigh mag, but who knows what the future holds.

Thom said...

Real opera.. You should enjoy any of Puccini's works if you are a romantic. Be sure to obtain a copy of the Libretto beforehand..:-))

MadameBink said...

" See a Shakespeare production. "

I think you should try and get across the water again for that one....nothing better than seeing it in London town :)

And perhaps this time our paths will cross!

Capt Stu Beans said...

ur goals rule. i hope you reach them all, and then beyond !