Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Walk along these weary leaves with wisdom in where your internal compass directs you. You know not of where you're going, but from the experience of where you've been, you don't worry. Light flows and weaves in every which way, casting shadows off the obstacles you must dodge. They are dim, but lure you. You wonder of the explanation for why something so dark can be so appealing. We are children in the world of the unknown. We draw towards that which fascinates us. The fascination, however, should be towards the distance, not the darkness. Head fast towards that which is bright. There is no time which need be wasted in the unsubstantial weakness of the mind, of the shadows. Be open to the environment that surrounds you, for only a closed mind is dark. Only ignorance is dim. Reach out to the motions and the knowledge that swirl around you and embrace them in your pace towards the distance. Looking to the past is yet another dismal approach to the stride you lead. You only fall when you do not observe where you are walking. The colors that flow around you is another sign that everything will come for a reason. Only when your past dissolves to the presence of the future must you be alert. However, you will know when and if that happens. For you are not in control of anything but yourself. You are in control of how you are handled and how you handle. Know that. Be wise in your journey to the never-ending distance.


Self-portraits and prose.


Shadowscapestudio said...

You don't need us.

Photographer for sale.

MichaelV. said...

Lovely, lovely images. You've got talent girl!

Dave Levingston said...

Damn you are good!

Stephen Haynes said...

What Dave said. Matter of fact, what they all said.

Nice work -- Joyce Tenneson is said to have remarked that a female photographer who does nudes will never want for a model.


Thanks for the feast to the eye, Brooke.


Thanks for the feast to the eye, Brooke.