Friday, September 18, 2009

Another Bout

of the beast this week.

Its my own damn fault though. I have been careless, reckless and forgetful.

Its hard when you're stuck in your own box and cannot get out.

My education is very important, this I know... but I wish I could suspend it so I could just create art for a few years.

It's all good though. My life is a rollercoaster and I'm getting used to the ups and downs.

Bring it on.


Ed Freeman.


Z said...

Very nice. Your form is exquisite. Great photograph.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, Brooke. We have more depth and fortitude than the beast, every time . . .

I've been stuck in that box many times! But you will chase him off soon enough.



unbearable lightness said...

Brooke, believe it or not, this wish never ends. I thought when I retired I would devote my life to art. Now I am back in the classroom. But it's a privilege to have the time and inclination to be part of the creation of art at all. So few ever know what you know and do what you have done in their lifetimes.

What an extraordinarily beautiful image!

Eric Uys said...

you truly have a beautiful soul