Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Off I go...

Tomorrow morning I skip town for a week and a half!

Toooooo excited. I need this, for many reasons.

The great thing about my job is that, not only is it my job, but its my passion, and I am so lucky that the people I work for are almost always the most awesome people on the planet. It's work AND play. I am blessed.

Not only that, but on this trip I'll be meeting and working with two models who's work I've respected for a long time. AWEsome.

I'll blog on the trip, for sure... how often, I do not know.

But I'll leave you with a self-portrait.

Until next time, dear readers, take care.


Dave Rudin said...

How far east are you going this time???

Adam Robertson Photography said...

That self portrait is amazing, really impressive.


Sully said...

Have a safe trip, and if you pass through Detroit. Give me a shout.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic creative photograph. Beautiful form. I am greeting