Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring into Summer

I wish it was summer already! I'm tired of having hunched shoulders from bracing myself against the bitter wind! Enough already.

My summer plans are shaping up very, very nicely, with lots of travel and art planned. I finally have my flights booked! (For specific dates, locations and booking, please go to my two portfolio sites at Model Mayhem and at deviantART.) I'm hoping that there's a few more travel/shooting opportunities that I can squeeze into my already tight summer schedule.


I attended, with Matt in tow, Stephen Haynes's wonderful gallery opening last night in Downtown Minneapolis. I thought the gallery was very nicely set up, and I thought it was well attended. Although I was so wrapped up in chatting with Stephen, Dave and Matt, and sipping on my wine, that after a refill or two, I don't seem to remember much of anyone else except for the 'tog trio. Funny how that happens. ;)

While there, I got to see good buddy Dave Swanson. It was sure good to catch up with him and hear his stories from Chicago. I can't wait for more stories this summer when we're up at the glorious North Shore.


On Friday, Stephen and I finally got the opportunity to shoot again. And wow, let me tell you, that shoot was off the hook!! Seriously though, we got some amazing shots and I had a wonderful time combining forces once again.

Just a small sampling of the results that I love:

Art keeps the flicker of excitement alive in my eyes.


Stephen Haynes said...

Yes, those three are among the many superb shots you gave me. There was certainly a chemistry working that afternoon!

Lela said...

You look absolutely stunning in the newest with Stephen, (though you always do anyway)! The first image of the bottom set is truly breathtaking, and inspiring!

Let me know if you need a travel buddy this summer! I can't wait to be done with school and find this spring everyone keeps mentioning! :)


Shadowscapestudio said...

Certainly the highlight of my ten day trip was to see you once again.
Longing to have you at the compound once more.

Stephen Haynes said...

Got hit by the Church Ladies this morning, I see. Welcome to the club! LOL

Anonymous said...

So beautiful and amazing. I feel warm.