Sunday, August 30, 2009

It Starts

Fall semester classes have officially started.

How did summer fly by so fast??

I only went to the North Shore once this summer, and that makes me sad. Hopefully Matt and I can make a quick trip up to Temperance River one of these weekends before it gets too cold.

One of my favorite things is waking up to the fresh northern lake air cuddled up next to my man. A close second would be making coffee and breakfast sandwiches on the camp stove. But by far, my favorite thing in the world is laying out on the rocks on the shore on a clear night and looking at the stars. For those of you who live in cities and never get a chance to get away from the light pollution at night to look up... you're really missing out.


There might be an exciting adventure next weekend. But I'm keeping it under wraps until I know more...


This is old news to those of you who have visited and browsed through either my website or Matt's website recently, but an image of ours was chosen to be on the cover of a Lithuanian magazine called Pravda. I have provided the link for google's translate service, although it provides little to no help in translating.

If interested, here is the PDF version for you to browse.

"Nuogybes" means "Nudity" in Lithuanian.


Matthew Scherfenberg.


.mosa said...

well even if the summer was too short for you, least I’m grateful had the pleasure of meeting and working with you my dear. congratulation on the magazine cover

Dave Rudin said...

I remember my first trip to Santa Fe. I could have stayed out all night looking at the stars. I felt like I was in a planetarium. I was actually able to see the Milky Way (and I don't mean a candy bar!).

unbearable lightness said...

Awesome publication!!! Congratulations!

unbearable lightness said...

Please let me know if you want any changes! I am so happy for you and Matt!