Thursday, February 25, 2010

The best laid plans

...often go astray.

That's what I'm expecting when I go on my roadtrip in a month. Something unexpected always happens. But I'm doing my best to prepare myself, and have started planning a 'Plan B.' Different routes... different options. The only thing I can't really prepare for is cancellations. Oh boy, the nemesis of the photography world. Perhaps I should instate a cancellation policy, but I don't know how often photographers really abide by those anyway.

But I'm still booking away, and still have room for a few more slots, especially on my way back to Minnesota. So if you're interested, hit me up at

Here is my revised map.
Although, if the weather is bad in the mountains, I will take I-25 south after my stop in Denver, head down to Albuquerque and then west on I-40 with a quick jump up to Las Vegas before Palm Springs. Going back home will be another story as I'm planning on heading up to San Francisco and then across Nevada, Utah and Wyoming.

So, anyway, I'm planning away. Hopefully my plans wont go too astray.

Next weekend I'm going to be modeling again for one of Doug Beasley's workshop at the Minneapolis Photo Center. It was a great experience last time, and I'm expecting the same, if not better, this time. It is already full, otherwise I'd offer registration information.

And I have quite a few life drawing sessions before my trip, so that will also be fun, as well as decent start-up capital for the trip.

Blah blah, sorry this is not the most exciting topic, but its been weighing on my mind a lot lately. So out it pours.


Bill Earle. From my recent trip out to PA.


Boz said...

Your "Blah blah" is what keeps us here. Good luck on your roadtrip - and the life drawings beforehand. I'm sure I speak for many subscribers that I eagerly await any new post from you - and patiently anticipate the gap in between. All the best.

MichaelV. said...

Have a marvelous trip and I hope the changes are good ones. Good for you to have the start-up capital. Remember you don't take a trip as much as it take YOU.

Herb_Nestler said...

Interesting that you mention the scourge of cancellations. It would be difficult to impose financial penalties for irresponsible last-minute cancellations of sessions by the photographer or the model but sometimes I wonder if a statement of agreement should pass between the two parties when a session date is made, something which would give parameters like "This booking is considered firm and unilateral changes or cancellations should only occur under highly extraordinary circumstances and never within 48 hours of the session start in the case of local bookings or one week in the case that either party is traveling more than 75 miles".

In Germany the model web site allows photographer and model to register their appointment via the site. This information is not public, but if both agree to the appointment it gives each party the right afterward to write a rating and comment of the other person. My ratings can be seen from my page on the site. I always check the ratings of the people I work with to insure that there are no comments about the model failing to show up, being late, canceling at the last moment, etc. and i assume models do the same before fixing a session date with me.

IT wouldn't be bad to have something like that on Model Mayhem too.

But bottom line, enjoy your trip.

Sully said...

Herb, I wish Modelmayhem would use a format like that. unfortunately there would be like 50 models who I would have to FLAG for no call no shows. and quite a few more who canceled at the last moment, although in a couple of cases I totally understood why.

On the flip side. I also understand that life happens, and things like family, and such come first.

It's too bad Brooke that you could not rent a car for the trip, and include the cost in your Home based business, and write off the expenses as part of doing business, and also use it to pay lower taxes at the end of the year. I talked to my CPA, and it was his suggestion to do this, with my trip to Unbearable Lightness back in September of last year when my car caught fire.
In my case the Milage expense alone more then covered the cost of the rental cost for the car. and that was only on a 2 day 600 mile round trip. But then again, that is a good question for a CPA before you commit.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

Good luck on your Journey Brooke.