Friday, February 19, 2010


I'm going a bit buggy here in snowy, cold Minnesota. I need ouuuut! I need sun and warmth and beaches and no more fucking snow. Don't get me wrong, the first month or so of winter and a fresh new snow are absolutely wonderful... but after a while, it gets really old. Anyway... enough complaining.

I'm going to be doing a roadtrip at the end of March from Minneapolis to California. It will look something like this map, but with lots of stops along the way, depending on where I'm needed to shoot. If you are nearby my route and would like to shoot, please contact me at my email address here: .

The main purpose of this roadtrip is to get to Palm Springs, CA March 28-April 2 for the Palm Springs Photo Festival to model for Jock Sturges' Workshop. I'm incredibly excited for this opportunity; to meet Jock, and even more excited to be surrounded by such like-minded artists in such a wonderful location. It will be an amazing experience, I'm sure.

I just have to remember to bring tons of film and all three of my babies. :)

Hope February is treating you all wonderfully. So far mine has been wonderful (with Valentine's day and my birthday) so I have much to be grateful for. I hope that no matter what your situation, you all take some time each day to be grateful for what you have.


Sylvie Blum.


MichaelV. said...

What a nice little tush you have! Have a great time with Jock and out west.

Michael said...

Have fun in Cali. Excellent shot here

Main Loop said...

Pleeeeeeeease make sure to make a stop at Jason Fassnacht's studio in Sacramento! You wont regret it!