Thursday, April 29, 2010

Am I ?


My first night in Palm Springs, CA. Around 2am.

It's not made of much, then again, neither am I. Neither are you.

I mean, if you think about it, we are primarily made up of empty space. Nothingness.

And really, that's not so bad. Actually it's not anything.

Nothing can't be bad. Nothing can't be good.

It just is.

And I am.


I have a short passage I want to share with you.

It is from the book, "The Prophet" by Kahlil Gibran.
I highly recommend it.

"And a man said, Speak to us of Self-Knowledge.
And he answered, saying:
Your hearts know in silence the secrets of the days and the nights.
But your ears thirst for the sound of your heart's knowledge.
You would know in words that which you have always known in thought.
You would touch with your fingers the naked body of your dreams.

And it is well you should.
The hidden well-spring of your soul must needs rise and run murmuring to the sea;
And the treasure of your infinite depths would be revealed to your eyes.
But let there be no scales to weigh your unknown treasure;
And seek not the depths of your knowledge with staff or sounding line.
For self is a sea boundless and measureless."


Candace Nirvana said...

thanks for that. sometimes words fill that void and these are those

markhaskins said...

Love your self night image. 2:00 am! No wonder you were so tired during the day:)

For empty space, you manage to fill the world with a lot of beauty, much like your image, both with what can be seen with the eye and that which cannot, but is in the heart and mind of those who experience your “nothingness.”

Dave Levingston said...


It's nice to see you answering the "why" question about your photos. :-)

EK said...

that is one of my favorite books, and I love the photo along with the inspiration. "Its all an illusion" ~Marpa I'm interested how you faintly presented yourself without tracing yourself up and down the stairs as the scenery exposed