Wednesday, April 7, 2010

glory shots

Self-portrait with: (from Left to Right)

It is taken with a crappy camera with a crappy lens, and is slightly over exposed. I didn't expect exquisite results, but it's quality is adequate enough for me to not be a distraction to the lovely memories that are associated with the capture.
That's all I was hoping for this photograph.

Here's the setup shot (photograph by Mark Haskins):


And then, the lovely madness that ensued afterwards.



Doug Wade said...

How funny - I've worked with three of the four gals!

Candace Nirvana said...

nice work sweets. I met Jock there a few years ago and he left a very lasting impression. enjoy the trip.

Mark C. Haskins said...

Splendid image! A great memory for me.

Tabiƛ. said...

I love the first photo. :>