Friday, May 28, 2010

I wonder why they call it the Badlands...

Actually, I do know why they call it the Badlands - I was just being facetious.

I'm at the Badlands modeling for a workshop (Dramatic Portrait: People and Nudes) for Doug Beasley. It is really fitting that I'm here because as of late I've been on an intensely personal spiritual search, and Doug's philosophy on photographing people and nudes comes from such a like-minded approach. He encourages his students to really get to know their subjects/models, and I think we can all agree that that is a cornerstone of making very powerful and substantial images, especially with portraits and nudes.

I'm getting along fabulously with all the participants, Doug, and my fellow models - Jordan and Dave. I'm getting lots of sun (and using a ton of sunscreen), getting well-fed, and feeling very connected to the world and people around me. It's like seeing something for the first time - I'm so intrigued, curious, and accepting towards everything. I feel still and love down to my bones. It's not always and continuously present, but it becomes more frequent and stronger each week the more I practice being aware - present - conscious of every moment. And that's all that I could ever hope for.

Because that's all that we ever have. It's this moment right now that means everything. There is no past or future. All there is, is this moment.

I get to see and work with good friend Dave Levingston for a good portion of a week in about a week and a half. We'll have a wonderful time of conversation, connection, collaboration and creation, for sure!!


Dave Levingston. <-- Check out his awesome new website!


Abigail said...

Ask David Swanson about me falling down one those hills behind you! :)

markhaskins said...

Glad to see you made it to the Badlands and are being well nourished... in many ways.