Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Limitations and Potentialities

Short-ish post, as I have very limited access to the internet for an indefinite period of time, but I didn't want to leave my readers hanging.

Matt's gallery show went spectacular! We had over 1,200 people come through Matt's exhibit studio in the Grain Belt Building, and he sold quite a few prints, and had even more interest for people buying in the near future. The real money type, like, "I want a 8 foot print of that image, no matter what the cost" type. So, I think it's very safe to say that it was an uber-successful show.

On a completely unrelated matter, I am growing. Everyone is usually growing every day, I realize that, but this is very significant for me. Much more significant than anything else I've considered significant before.

My spirituality, my peace, my sense of calm, figuring out who I really am, the nature of my essence... that understanding and that strong current of awareness, of consciousness, has been filling me slowly but surely throughout the weeks and months. But it really took the 'straw that broke the camel's back' to bring me to that most important point in my life. It was a slap in the face and a huge blessing in disguise. It was the turning point.

No need to go into the details, they are essentially unimportant, except to know that it was the turning point for me. Of course, of course, I have SO much learning and growing to do, and will always continue to progress for the rest of my life - for it is the journey, not the destination. But the dysfunction has ended, the denial has stopped, the running away has turned into running towards. Everything that has happened in my past, I am so grateful for - because it has brought me here, to this sacred NOW. I don't regret, nor would I change one single thing in my life. It has happened because I willed it to happen, and everything in the future will happen because I will will it to happen. It's about the cosmic design of the universe, and the subtle patterns within.

Now, I know some of you think this is totally radical, completely out of character, or just plain nonsense. And that's completely okay and wonderful. And you're right, this progression or awakening or consciousness (or whatever you want to label it) in me are all those things. There's no way I could ever really accurately describe what this is, because our - and any, every - language has it's limitations. These words are only pointers to the truth of what is and what I am.

Perception is the world, and the world is perception. We are not separate beings, we are connected and interconnected with every single thing on this planet. Every single thing. Our destiny is to merge with infinity.


Matthew Scherfenberg.


Dave Levingston said...


Sully said...

lol, sounds alot like me at the moment, and it reminds me of a book called

"The Secret"

if you have not read it, try it. =)

Beautiful statement that you have shared.


brooke lynne said...

Sully, I have read it, and I've also watched the movie.

I've re-read the "Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle several times, just finished his sequal, "A New Earth..." and now I'm reading several books by Deepak Chopra, including, "The Book of Secrets..." I suggest checking out both authors, if you're into this kind of spirituality - and it sounds like you are.

There's a lot of chaos in my life right now, but for the first time I feel more at peace than I've ever have.


Sully said...

as a massage therapist for almost 10 years, I have read several works by Chopra.

I also enjoy books by "sister Helen" in regards to Healing hands, and theraputic touch.

The book by Tolle "The power of Now" is a new one for me, and thx for the tip.

it kinda reminds me of the video we did a phylosophy report on called 'What the BLEEPE do we know." that kinda tries to explain quantum physics, and it's effect on the universe around us.

At the time, I find myself saying are these guys crazy? and then I really started looking at the research by Dr. Ito.... very cool stuff. now that would make an incredible shoot to combind images of water molecules, and the human body. =( sigh..

Great blog btw..

markhaskins said...

Your peace is wonderfully pleasant to observe.