Saturday, July 3, 2010


I branched away from my medium format fixation for once, and shot some 35mm.

I like.

This is off my bulk roll of TMax 400, and developed myself. I need to fashion a more effective way to hang-dry the negatives. It's never been a problem with the 120 since the negatives are only about 3 feet long, as compared to a 36 exposure roll of 35, which is more like 5 feet long.

These also need to be scanned better.

Details, details.

And one of my developing reels broke. That will make developing much less efficient, since I have 4 more rolls to develop.

Ah, well.

No nudes this post, but I hope you enjoy these nonetheless.

Superior Hiking Trail

Cascade Shore

Cascade Shore

Off the Superior Hiking Trail

Water Study


Lilies and Ant

edit: some more...

Split Rock

Water Study 2


Water Study 3

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!


Dave Levingston said...

Beautiful work! For drying I always just put a string across above the tub and hung my 35mm there. Really a couple thumb tacks in the ceiling at each end of the tub...or in the wall if it isn't tile or something...will be enough to hold a string that you can hang the rolls from.

When you are ready to try stainless steel reels and tanks, let me know...I can probably fix you up.

brooke lynne said...

Hey Dave, I just put up a pic of my developing tank and busted reel. I believe those are stainless steel. Know of any place where I can get reels cheap? All I've seen in camera stores are the plastic tanks and reels, but maybe I haven't been looking hard enough.

.mosa said...

yes, I used to hang them above bathtub... with clothing pins.
and BTW beautiful work

Anonymous said...

"superior hiking trail"

I love trail pictures like that. Great one.

Shadowscapestudio said...

If you come visit me you can go home with all the stainless steel reels you can carry.

David said...

These are simply stunning Brooke! Wonderful work!