Monday, July 26, 2010

Dave Kemmerling

The figure modeling scene here in Minnesota is small, yet due to the nature of the business we models don't cross paths much. There was one man who was trying to change that. He set up an organization called Phigural, which is intended to unite art models and photographers in order to create a more tight knit community/family of artists here in Minnesota.

Dave was a very established classic art model, modeling for local renown art schools and co-ops for over a decade. Within the last few years he branched out into modeling for art and figure photographers. This is how I came to know of him.

We started exchanging emails about a year ago, then this January I finally got to meet him at one of Doug Beasley's workshops at the Minneapolis Photo Co-op.

We only worked together twice, once at the previously mentioned workshop in January and then just recently this May at Doug's 5 day Dramatic Portrait workshop out in the Badlands. but we exchanged numerous emails, and got together a couple of times to discuss art and art modeling.

Dave was a very genuinely warm person, had an incredible sense of integrity, and was always so very kind and generous. He was full of zest and passion for the arts and for art modeling. He was a wonderful friend who I wish I could have gotten the chance to know better. His smile always warmed my heart.

On July 20th, Dave lost his battle to depression at 50 years old.

He will very much be missed. May he finally rest in peace.


Martin Husch.
Steve Kemmerling.


Mark Haskins said...

Dave remains with us through an enduring beauty he created and an enthusiasm for the fine art I only had begun to know.

Karl said...

A beautiful tribute to an amazing man. You were fortunate to have worked with him. Thank you for sharing.

doctor_gogol said...

What a shock! I only met him a couple times, but he was very easy to like.

Depression is such a treatable illness. I'm saddened that he couldn't beat his demons.

RIP Dave. And may his friends and family have a short mourning.

Anonymous said...


I am so sorry for your lose and sorry that I never met him. This is a very loving tribute.

unbearable lightness said...

I love your version of "American Gothic." Unique work!

Dave Rudin said...

Very sad to read that, though I didn't know him. That last photo is a wonderful portrait - something nice to remember him by.

Sully said...

Beautiful tribute, and images for your friend.

May your lives continue to be blessed, and may your friend rest in peace.