Monday, January 3, 2011


Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!

I had a blissful 2 week break from life modeling gigs, and goodness, I soaked it in. I love working with artists and doing what I do - it is so rewarding in so many ways - but it is very physically demanding, and in some ways mentally challenging as well. So I gave my body lots of TLC, and thoroughly enjoyed my time off.

But now! - Back to work. January and February is filling up fast with life modeling work. But I'm going to be restricting life modeling work in March and April so I can focus on traveling and working with photographers around the country before I leave for France for the summer.

Dates are not in place quite yet, but I know I'll be traveling to the following cities/states in the spring:

Los Angeles & Bay Area

Other possible locations are:

Baltimore/DC area

I might do a quick 5-6 day midwest tour via car. But... that depends on my car's condition. It's getting old and unreliable.

Feel free to suggest a place for me to go!

I'll update this travel list in due course when details are worked out.


Nad Iksodas. 4x5 Film.


Phydeau said...

I would suggest North Carolina, since I have an idea for studio work. But as of yet, I don't have either the studio or the lights I'll need.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photograph, very interesting form.

Paul Ward said...

Hey Brooke if you finalize your NYC trip I can host you. I am MM photographer 5299 I (paulwardphoto). Hosting references are on that page

Sid Allen-Simpson said...

Lovely composition.