Saturday, January 22, 2011

weekend backfire

Life is a strange bag of big thorns and dark chocolate, liars and lovers, suffering and bliss.

C'est la vie.

Art always lifts me up. Because of that, I'm smiling.


Risen Phoenix.


Sully said...

Then, I hope the lemon that life has offered, becomes a sweet lemon-aid to share with friends, and the thorns in your life, make a beautiful frame for one of those lovely images. as you get nothing great without an obsticle.

HUGS, and hope you have a wonderful day.


Sid Allen-Simpson said...

Simple, elegant post. Beautiful.

Svend said...

This is one of the most inspiring figure nudes I've ever seen. Period.

Anonymous said...

Such a life is. Therefore it is worthwhile living ;)

Dave Levingston said...

That's a beautiful photo. Great work.

Holly - Ivory Flame said...

Gorgeous image, very beautiful!

Mike Roberts said...

Marvelous image.