Friday, May 13, 2011

cinq jours

I leave in 5 days.

I leave in 5 days.

I think I have everything done. Well, of course except for having everything packed. I have everything pre-packed (which means there are piles and piles of things in my room that need to be placed in suitcases) and 98% of all my errands done.

I'm getting anxious here!

What is it going to be like? Will I be in pain after every session? What will the town be like? How much French will I learn/pick up? How homesick will I get? What will the food be like? How can I live and experience this adventure to its fullest?

Trying to stay calm here, but honestly, so excited and scared at the same time. But fear can be exciting, just as long as we don't let it smother us.

This might be my last post until I actually get over there. Wish me luck!

Mark S. Chaplin


Ella Rose said...

Good luck! (And, I'm jealous! I LOVE France!)

Mark C. Haskins said...

Bonne chance!

Sully said...

have a safe journey, and remember Bonjeur......



Ciaran Whyte said...

You should speak with Mika Meiri ( She is a Californian art model that has spent the last year or so in France. Although I think she's moving back to the bay area in June.

Best of luck with your trip. And remember, Ireland is only a very short flight from France :)