Sunday, May 22, 2011

first day of work


I worked a 3 hour beginning/introduction session with the director Saturday afternoon, which went very well. But today was my first day in front of all 14 of the students.

I'm going to be working with these students for 3 months. All of them paid thousands of dollars for this intensive program. It was important that I make a good impression.

For those of you who know me personally, it is fair to say that I am a bit of a perfectionist at my job, yes? Like everyone else in the world, I have my off-days but I was not going to let today be one of them. For 6 hours, I pulled out all the stops. I did some of the craziest, dynamic, hardest poses I've ever done for a life drawing session. I feel like I've ran a marathon - I have that feeling of extremely productive exhaustion. But did I set the bar too high for myself? I don't think I can physically top what I did today. It's close to impossible - something in me would snap or break.

But maybe not. I felt good enough to go for an hour and a half hike around the river, and it is not a flat hike. But I took it fairly easy, and snapped some lovely photos with my digicam. Kind of a test shoot for what I will shoot with my precious borrowed (from awesome friend, Dave Levingston) Mamiya C330 and only 12 rolls of black and white film.

So enjoy the photos.

Tomorrow or Tuesday I will go around town and shoot various notable buildings and establishments. Still trying to get a feel for the town, and not be so afraid while walking down the road. There are very few sidewalks, and the sidewalks they have are very narrow. And the roads are barely bigger than a one-lane road we see in the states. And they aren't one-way streets. ...You have to be very careful going around corners.

To be fair, european cars are significantly smaller... but not proportional to the size of the residential streets.

Anyway, I'm going to finish my green tea and pass out. Have to be up in 10 hours to do it all over again! :)


Marilynn said...

Yeah, maybe you shouldn't have "pulled out all the stops" the first day, now their expectations are so high.
Take some black and white photos of that bridge. I like how the reflections make the arches into circles.

Dave Rudin said...

Have a good time, Brooke, and try not to come back home looking like the proverbial pretzel.

Dave Rudin said...

Have a good time, Brooke, and try not to come back home looking like the proverbial pretzel.

Dave Levingston said...

Hmmm...I think I need to come over there and shoot you nude under those willow trees. Or maybe you should get another model to pose there for you.

Looks beautiful. Glad it is going well. I know they are are going to love you...who could help but love you?

Doug Wade said...

I am fully confident that they will get more than their money's worth!

Mark C. Haskins said...

I agree with Dave, the willow trees and the bridge! I have shot in France, the locals are usually very unaffected by a nude and it opens more outdoor possibilities than what one could attempt in the states. Let me know if you need any more 120 film shipped to you.