Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Behind the Scenes in Ohio

We take a break from reporting about France to highlight some awesome behind the scenes photos from my trip to Ohio in late April.

I rarely get behind the scenes photos but when I do, they're always fun.

Dave's friend, Tim Black, caught a fun moment of Dave showing me an awesome shot we just got.

Dave was probably telling a punny story.

Mark and I outside of Dayton's German pub.

I'm shooting Dave...

...Dave shooting me and Tim.

Gary M documenting my massive appetite. Yes, I did eat it all. Taaaasty! Love Bob Evans.

Dave taking behind the scenes photos of Herb Ascherman shooting me with his lovely large format camera.

Great times!!!

And I promise that sometimes I do wear another hairstyle then just a bun. But its not often. ;)

Next time I write will be an overlook through my first two weeks in France. :)


Rikk said...

Am I the only photog who shoots you with your hair down?

Anonymous said...

These are really cute, showing a nice moment with friends.


brooke lynne said...

Not the only one Rikk, but one of the few. :)

Dave Levingston said...


But, next time we shoot I think I'm going to ban the bun. ;-)

unbearable lightness said...

Nice. Especially the Bob Evans breakfast :-)