Sunday, June 5, 2011

the first fortnight

Who uses the word "fortnight" anymore?

Anyway, its been great. Actually, its been a lot of things, but to sum up - its been wonderful. I'm exhausted and energized. Tired and excited. I've been tempted, and I've indulged. I've met so many wonderful people in this program - so much so that I want to do this full-time for as long as I can. Well, let me amend that: This job is HARD. It's hard on the body and hard on the mind (especially when overwhelmed by the physical pain). So I need a lot more off-time to recharge than I would need in an office position, perhaps. But its worth it. I'm in a place where EVERYONE dearly appreciates what I do, loves the energy and effort I put into it, and they don't treat me like just a subject or even a model - they treat me as an artist in my own right. And that feeling is amazing and touching.

The last two weekends, all of the students and I have gotten together and put together a potluck at least once a weekend. (Here's an image of our first potluck). Pretty sure this is going to be a weekly event, which is awesome.

I have to say, there's something in the air out here. I'm not a cook, never had the confidence to try anything ambitious mainly due to my anosmia and (therefore) my questionable lack of accurate taste. But I've been adventurous here... with my 2 hotplates and toaster oven!. The first potluck night I made a fritatta with onions, garlic, broccoli and ricotta cheese. The second potluck, this past Friday, I made a pasta bake with a fucking amazing tomato sauce, and then Saturday night I made blueberry baked brie. The brie turned out amazing, and I think it will be my staple contribution from now on. (I might vary the different types of baked brie... with sauteed onions, or other fruits, with or without a pastry wrap, or whatever... but I really should live up to my namesake)

I figure, if I gain 10 pounds this summer by making and eating all of this wonderful food, it will be totally worth it. :)

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Mark C. Haskins said...

Beau, je suis maintenant affamé !