Saturday, June 18, 2011

1 month

It's been quite a month here. I've met and become friends with some amazing people, I've seen things I've never seen before, and I've helped create art.

It's about time I showed you some pictures of the studio.

And here are a few poster studies that have been done over the past few weeks. Most of these poster studies are 6 hour long poses, but there are a couple 3 hour poses thrown in.

And this last week I did a 12 hour pose spanning over 4 days. Here are a couple of the results.

(artist: Joshua Press)

(artist: M. Tobias Hall)


Sully said...

very interesting, and detailed series of paintings.

RandJ-Photo said...

That's really a cool looking studio. Thanks for showing us a bit of the "behind the scenes" from there.