Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It has to start somewhere

It's the new fad - everyone's doing it. Might as well jump on the bandwagon.

I got back from New York City late Saturday night after a long, productive week with eleven shoots squeezed in there somewhere. All of those shoots were fabulous and I got to work with some fucking awesome and crazy-talented people. And as a first-timer to the Big Apple... it was a bit of sensory overload, but I'm addicted. Now I just want to get my pictures...but I'll have to wait. I was shot with more film than ever before. But "I'm not complaining, I'm bragging."

Rumor is that I will be heading back within a few weeks. Fuck yes. (Hopefully with Erin)
Anything to get out of soggy, sloppy Minneapolis for a while.

I'm waiting for the sun.

Portrait by Sanders McNew.

A soggy day in Central Park. Gary Breckheimer.


Dave Levingston said...

Welcome to the blogosphere...

Anonymous said...

Eleven shoots is more than I do in a year. Nice to see you blogging - I'll keep checking in.