Monday, March 31, 2008

Too Little Too Late

I think this photo will be one of my absolute favorites. Not only do I love the composition and feel of this image, but I also love the connection that Erin and I have, and how that comes through here.

Big fat flakes are swirling and tumbling through the air like in a typical winter afternoon. Only it's not winter anymore, dammit.

Nothing of real substance this afternoon. Just groovin' and cleaning to Metric. Because I'm cool like that. Maybe I should do my taxes, but I wont. Because I'm a procrastinator like that.

You can burn your paper fingers in the ashtray
Place your swollen lips on mine
You can shave your heavy head in my carpeted hallway
Sure for the first time you're wearing the right clothes

Now take them off
Meet me on the band room rug
Tie my right hand to the ride

You can take a live wire into the bath with you
For a feeling you can't find
You can entertain your childhood friends with a tour of the bedroom
Laugh to erase the dirt on your mind

Oh let's move out
Meet me at the motel
Tie my right hand to the bible

Too little too late but we don't say no
It's too much to feel
Tie my right hand to the bible

Erin N.

Chip Willis.

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