Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Nothing but blue skies

I kind of feel like that today.

But then again I've been a bit down the past couple of days.
Best friend is leaving the country. Car is broken. Finances are dwindling. S.O. troubles. PMSing. And most annoyingly, the weather has been fucking with me.

I spent 18 hours in a sleep clinic assisting my grandpa last night and this morning. Unfortunately, because he kept waking up throughout the test, I (we) only got 2 hours of sleep.
...I've been a bit on edge.

I went for a walk not too long ago to try to wear off some of this negative energy and get some fresh air. And it totally worked. It's amazing how just a little bit of exercise and fresh air revitalize.
...Or maybe I'm just slightly deleterious from the lack of sleep.

Pottery class tonight. I'm gonna get dirty and throw some pots for 3 glorious, but challenging, hours. Clay and I are not on the best terms yet. We're old friends, but its a bit awkward for the both of us still, since we completely abandoned one another for close to 3 years.
...We need more shmoozing time.

There's spring in the air
They're sweeping the streets
Wind is a breeze
The sun becomes her he agrees

What's holding up her face?
Nothing but blue skies
Passage ways to windows
That don't close

Where do you live?
Love is a place
Where are you from?
She says, ask yourself ask anyone
What's holding up her face
Nothing but blue skies
Passage ways the mind's eye

More Metric. Emily Haines kisses my soul with her lyrics and melody.

Yes, I'm that corny.


Taken on a beautiful, summer afternoon. StudioMona.

Having fun and going with the flow. Gary M.

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