Monday, July 20, 2009

Alone in the Big City

So I have the whole day to myself after another cancellation. First one in L.A., but its my forth cancellation with less than 3 days notice. ugh.

What to do, what to do? I'm feeling pretty homesick, lonely and heavy hearted which is why I think its a bad idea to coop myself up in this apartment. I need to face my fear of the unknown and go explore this city.

No picture today. Sorry.


SB said...

Any plans for heading up north to SF?

Stephen Haynes said...

At the risk of pouring gasoline on the fire, LA is one of the WORST cities in the world in which to be alone with nothing to do. Speaking from personal experience. Wish I'd known earlier -- would have said find a cheap way to get to the Getty Museum, which is one of the best. Or the Annenberg Space for Photography in Century City.

.mosa said...

I am so sorry to see this so late... i would have done anything to take care of this....
I'll see you soon, oh and BTW i left a note on your phone .