Monday, July 6, 2009

Am I a computer hog?

Matt thinks so.

But it brings up an interesting discussion.

Matt works on computers all day. Its part of his job. But he's not actually working directly on the internet, or more accurately, he's not working with the internet as a networking tool. So I can understand how he would be a little stupefied as to how I can possibly be on the computer for at least 2 hours a day, sometimes even up to 6 hours a day. And my grandma, well, you can imagine that if Matt is a bit flabbergasted, grandma just has no clue as to how I could waste a quarter of my day in with a laptop in my lap. Her boyfriend often remarks, "Is that thing attached?"

But seriously, how can I be on the computer that long? What the hell am I doing?

I'm setting up shoots. I'm confirming shoots. Browsing photographers. Browsing photos for inspiration, both conceptually and pose-wise. I'm looking up the best and cheapest flights. I'm posting photos. Replying to emails. Writing emails. Thinking up and compiling photos for article ideas for Univers d'Artistes. I'm looking for juried shows and art submissions for my boyfriend. I'm reading blogs, writing blogs, and reading google news.

If that doesn't seem like a lot, I assure you, it is.

You know, when I go off and do these shoots, a lot of photographers seem taken back by the amount of quality work I've done in the two short years I've been doing this (wow, it really has been two years already!), and I've gotten a quite a few questions to the effect of, "how did you get this far so soon?" Usually I say something overly modest such as, "Oh, just hard work and good taste." And those are true, of course, but a bigger part of it is, in my opinion, networking. And good connections are vital too, but I just contribute that to having good taste and having the decency to not ever flake and keeping my reputation squeaky clean.

In the summertime its much more often because, this is my summer job. Okay, this IS my job no matter what time of the year it is, but in the summer I'm just a lot more busy. But hey, I've managed to make it out to the beach three full days this summer already (with more to come)! Last year I only made it to two, so I think I'm doing pretty damn good! (Dont worry guys, I put on 70 SPF sunscreen!)

So it might be the cause that's rotting out my brain and atrophying my muscles, but hey, as long as this is the means to an art end, I'm more than okay with that.


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MonkeyMetal said...

You know people who study human achievement say it takes 10,000 hours of practice to master something.

If you're concentrated on modeling 2-6 hours a day you're over a third of the way there.