Friday, November 13, 2009

Film, rolls, and price

Okay... so...

National Camera has to send out the film. It takes about a week.

Its $8+change charge for developing and full-res scans on a CD. Plus $1 per frame.

That's about $20 a roll. With no prints.

Can anyone suggest better?

I'd seriously consider developing my own film... but I don't have any of the materials or the "hardware".

If anyone can convince me that setting up a darkroom is not only long-term cost effective, but can be short-term cost effective, I'll highly consider doing it.

Until then, I'm on the lookout for the best "bang for the buck" lab.

Maybe someday I can afford an H3D. hahahaha.... fat chance.


Sylvie Blum.


Michael said...

You don't need a darkroom in the traditional sense. If you are only developing film then you just need a dark bag to get the film into a daylight tank to develop it.

Developing film is easy.

Be careful what they mean when they scan the film. My local shop is set up to do 4x6 prints from film. The max resolution is about 1200 pixels on the long side. Barely enough for a 4x6. This is their Hi-res scan! You can use a scanning service such as Scan Cafe. They have coupon codes floating around and they are reasonable. The Epson V700 comes highly recommended for 120 film by the hybrid groups. The next step up is a dedicated film scanner, big $$$$.

For the cost of 2 rolls of film at your local store, you can buy the basic equipment (tank, reel, bag, bottles, chemicals).

Now I want to go shoot some more film but what.....

Using the brownie to shoot yourself - I remember seeing a remote release somewhere in my archive of old web pages. Have to dig thru it anyway for something else. Will keep an eye out.

blueriverdream said...

when I was in school I used the campus darkroom. I'd look around for a public darkroom or ask around with local photographers. They may trade you modeling time for darkroom time or simply let you use their space provided you clean and pay for supplies. You could just get the film developed and skip the CD. Most university/ college libraries or computer labs will have film scanners. That way you can scan the ones you want yourself. Even Carroll in MT did. has a great forum selection of topics relating to this. Or they did a couple years ago.

Iksodas said...

Very cost effective..

and, you are also not at the whim of the "creative influences" of a lab. That was part of why I set up my own darkroom: the local lab decided to crop, and dodge/burn as they saw fit.. not, as I Marked a contact/test print.

once you get the hardware, (tanks are what you mostly need)developing is pretty inexpensive, except you do have the fixer disposal issue (I highly recommend Ilfords Rapid Fix). Printing, on the other hand can get pricey fast. Developer does not last long, and if you shop creatively your cost for your learning curve can get up there about 60-70 cents an 8x10 print of Ilford MGIV RC. If you bargain shop, like arista edu, (I use it for contacts) you can pick it up for about 70 bucks in the box of 250.

as far as an enlarger.. It just so happens that I have sitting in my closet a "well used" Durst with a color head. Seeing as I have both the beseler 45, and the smaller one, I don't see me using this one anytime. soon. Stop by Ohio, and pick it up.. it's all yours.


RandJ-Photo said...

I've had several darkrooms over the years.
Cost effective I don't know.
Emotionally rewarding?VERY!

I keep seeing enlargers and equipment on Craig's list and I'm tempted o do it again. Maybe even large format.

My first one I made a developing table/sink that extended from over the bathroom sink, across the toilet ad had longer legs into the tub. It was just under eight feet long by two feet deep. The long legs attached with wing nuts so could prop it up in my little workroom when we had company.

I still have it propped out in my garage. Some twenty five years later. Its been adapted from house to house as I've moved through life. Maybe it will be resurrected one again.inces

Aaron Galeotti Photography said...

Campus dark room is prolly the best way to go. I love your work btw :)


Shadowscapestudio said...

If I can figure a way to get it to you easily, I have a changing bag & a daylight tank you can have. I will even kick in some D-76 developer and some fixer. All you need are the plastic jugs.
Maybe on your next visit. Hint