Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hello there...

I've missed you all!

A quick recap of the past few weeks....

...Nothing exciting has happened over on my end, but I prefer it that way...for now. I've been focusing in on personal improvements and advancements, and I'd say that its been going very well.

...I have done quite a few Life Drawing sessions lately, and I'm falling more and more in love with that creative outlet in my life.

...I joined the YMCA yesterday. I'm really looking forward to getting more active and toning up. Today I have a one-on-one fitness consultation... so we'll see how that goes!

...Papa is still in the hospital, and he's very alert and lucid. I'm grateful for every day, every hour, every minute that I can spend with him and hold his hand.

So, until next time!


Sylvie Blum.


Chip Willis said...

great to hear!

Phydeau said...

Any good news is good to hear. :)

Karl said...

That photo is sublimely beautiful. I am hoping to take a break from photography classes and take a life drawing class. I think learning to draw the human form and take the time to digest the moment may teach me the patience I need for photography.