Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm home!...for a couple of days.

After 15 days, 4000 miles, and over 60 hours in the car, I am finally home!!

I saw some amazing sights, saw some incredible wildlife, and got some amazing workouts from the hikes in the state parks.

But I could go on an on, but what good would any stories be without accompanied photos? Not very, me thinks. I'm a total tease, I know, but all my travel stories will come in bits with pictures, I promise.

I haven't even started to copy Dave Levinston's onto my computer, and I wont get Dave Swanson's until we meet up again June 13th.

Starting this Friday until we meet up with Dave, Matt and I will be on our vacation camping at a few of the state parks up on the North Shore, with no access to the internet. I'm very excited to get away and relax with no agenda or schedule.

Wow, you can tell I haven't been blogging in a while, everything sounds so disconnected.

But... guess who's photos I finally received? And guess what makes them even better?

sometimes, life has perfect timing.

I hope your L.A. shoots are going perfect, Erin! I miss you.


James M. Graham. with Erin.

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e-string said...

Look at us, all stoic (for once).

With some kinda sexy stems. ;)