Tuesday, June 23, 2009

On the Ground

After a loooong weekend of floating.

I've never had a shooting trip, where I've worked with multiple photographers, be so fun and stress-free.

Scott Nichol was a magnificent host, and he and Bill Earle were the catalysts to providing the opportunity for me to travel out there in the first place.

It's the place to be, and I will be there again soon. I will make sure of it.

I will write more very soon (I'm always saying that), but I need to get some things in order and go visit my Papa in the hospital. He has a wonderful surprise! He has a voice machine, so we can actually talk together now, instead of me trying to lip read! I'm so excited!!

Then after that, Matt and I will be dining at the Ecopolitan tonight. I love that restaurant, and its been a while since we ate there. I'll have to show it to Erin when she comes in August.

Edit: a photo of my "surprise entree." It was really fucking tasty.


From yesterday, by Scott Nichol.


Shadowscapestudio said...

That is cool!

MichaelV. said...

Good for you and your papa. I'm pleased for you both.