Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Everyday we must evaluate ourselves and the situation we're in, and then act.

Sometimes we take the wrong action, or no action at all.

And most of the time, the consequences to those actions show up far later then when we actually do the action.

And most of us do the action that will provide the most pleasurable consequence first, regardless if that same action has a worse consequence in the farther future.

I'm wondering if my modeling, although its been a very rewarding experience, will turn up to bite me in the ass later on down the road. Maybe I'll decide that I want to teach or work with children. As much as I'd like to think that our world will become more progressive in the view of nude art, I know that somehow, someway, some misguided, ignorant parent or school official would find pictures of me and I'd be s.o.l. for a job. And I wouldn't even blame them.

I wonder how many bridges I will burn with my shortsightedness.

And how many times I will go through the cycles and the motions.

And how many times I will just have to accept life as it comes. Including what actions I take, because they all seemed like a good idea at the time.

My pursuit is not for happiness, but for peace. To be at peace, happiness will irrefutably follow.


Matthew Scherfenberg.


Shadowscapestudio said...

I see no reason not to continue modeling at this point. It gives you pleasure and there are enough images out there that adding to them will no way hurt a job position in the future.
It is sad that the world is not more open minded when it come to things like this.
Roberta had a go around with the school board over my work last year. Just because she was married to a person who photographs nudes. IT ended with the school board finding nothing wrong with it, but there were some parents who were very upset that she was not fired. Go figure.
I really love this image kiddo. You and Matt did a wonderful job.
I would have liked to have been there, just to see you wash that clay off.

Stephen Haynes said...

As you know I, for one, am very pleased you've taken the chance -- repeatedly. I really, really hope the world changes and/or these beautiful photos never, as you say, come back to bite you in the ass.

The Average IT Guy said...

Being in the middle of a job search and on the other side of the camera, I'm curious if my own art is having an effect on my potential employment.

I'm not sure I really care.

Yes, it's sad that more people aren't open minded about this genre of photography. But some people are just uptight about that type of exposure. They aren't comfortable with it about themselves or others. And nothing we can do or say will change that.

Live as you will. You've made the decisions and, as you may know by now, the Internet has no delete button. So plan accordingly and steel yourself for those uncomfortable confrontations (and they'll happen).

Because you have nothing to be ashamed of. You're confident, proud, beautiful, elegant, human, small, delicate, powerful, graceful, funny, and everything we all want to be...and you get to prove it with every image.

Meagan Sample said...

Yeah. :-/