Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Big Sky Country

So, did anyone else, other than me, fail to realize just how fricken big Montana is? Yeah, its huge.

Dave, Gaea and I are having a lovely time out here. I'll leave you to Dave's blog for more specific examples of our adventures.

One adventure we did have yesterday was a long 2 mile uphill hike along Avalanche Creek to Avalanche Lake. We thought the trail might never end, but of course it did, and it was completely worth the hike and the stiff and sore legs I have today.

Here's the view we had.

Yeah, its gorgeous out here.


On Sunday, I got to meet and shoot with Chris Ryan and I also got to meet his lovely wife 'Tina. They are both outstanding people, and I had a wonderful time with them both. We shot in two different locations: one in an old barn and one on the receded north shore of Flathead lake. Here's a (not so lovely) "tourist" photo of me from the beach.

The driftwood makes for excellent shooting possibilities. I'll get to experience this awesome location again when Dave shoots me, Gaea and Tina here tomorrow.

I did shoot early this morning with Dave for about 10 minutes despite it raining quite steadily and the brisk 45 degree temperature. But Dave got the shot and, as always, it's always worth it for Art. But Art wore us out yesterday and today, so we have all decided to take the rest of the rainy day off.

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Shadowscapestudio said...

Rest up.
I was having fun following Dave's blog this morning. Beautiful country and I expect we will be seeing some grand images from this trip.