Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Watch out, it's RANT time.

I wish I could be an art model, traveling around the world, posing for photographers, painters, drawers, sculptors and artists alike as my full-time career. Nothing else gives me as much pleasure than participating in the creative process, collaborating to create art. It seems like it could even be feasible... if there was an active market and demand for figure art. If only more societies were more reverent instead of ashamed of the nude body. It just makes sense to me to consider the body a natural and beautiful thing. I mean, its not like we were born wearing clothes!

Clothes (or animal hides way back in the day) originally were made/used only to protect us from the harsh elements in extreme climates. They were never meant to hide the body or our sex. Knowledge did not create this shame we have for the naked body. There was no apple, there was no garden, there was no adam and eve, and the whole fucking world was not created in 6 days. And anyone that disagrees with me and believes in creationism can kiss my blasphemous, bible-hating, pro-nude ass and leave my blog right now as you are not welcome here anyway. Wait a minute, you'd probably like kissing my ass and... what the hell are you doing at a "objectionable content" blog anyway? You hypocritical heathen!!

Okay, I was unnecessarily nasty there, and if I look at it from the other perspective, I get it. And its not all their fault. Examining my own pre-modeling attitudes about nakedness in hindsight, I know I was ashamed of my nakedness. Most are raised to believe that nakedness is wrong and only meant for our husband/wife. But yet, we accept and sometimes greatly admire paintings and sculptures in museums of the naked figure. People need to realize this hypocrisy and challenge the beliefs that they were raised with. But people clinging on to their ignorance for the sake of their personal comfort have absolutely no sympathy or even an ounce of respect from me. But who cares right? Its not like those people would want my respect anyway.

Like most lewd accusations in this country, you are considered guilty until proven innocent. We'd like to think it's the other way around, and our judicial system is based off of it, but do most authorities truly believe it? Correct me if I'm wrong (Stephen), but if the focus of the picture (and how wide or narrow is that interpretation?) is of the pubic area, and you dont manage a nearly impossible record keeping system of photos taken after March 18th 2009, under the 2257 amendment, you are breaking the law despite what your intent is. Now I know that the purpose or intent of this amendment is to try and cut back on the number of inappropriate photographs taken of minors, and reducing the production of child pornography. And I unequivocally agree that child pornography is horrible, disgusting and absolutely unacceptable. But does anyone honestly believe that this will stop or even deter the production of child pornography? I honestly don't. All it is is just a real pain in the ass for nude photographers and possibly even for nude models.

I know I don't have much to worry about 2257 with my art, but it still bothers me that the following pictures would be considered inappropriate by the vast majority of people only because I'm nude in them.


Wow. That was quite a rant, and I'm sorry, only because I know I'm preachin' to the choir.


The trip is still going magnificently.

We (Gaea, 'Tina and I) were pretty cold this morning, okay, we were FREEZING at our shoot, as it was 45 degrees, very windy with no sun. (For evidence, look to Dave's post from today). But we pushed through it, and we got some wonderful photos, including the one up above with the roots of the tree. For some reason, probably because of the wind, I was more cold today than yesterday posing in the rain with that huge ice chunk.

Hopefully tomorrow will be warmer.

And speaking of temperatures, how come when I leave Minnesota it finally decides to get unseasonably warm? I heard yesterday's temperature of 97 shattered the previous record of 87 back from 1977. Now that's hot!

Oh well. I probably would have just stayed inside with the air conditioning on anyways.


As a couple of lovely side notes, Matt Scherfenberg got featured for the first time on Univers d'Artistes! So check it out! It was long overdue in my (highly biased) opinion.

And I got featured a couple days before that in my first interview on UdA, by Unbearable Lightness and was made an Art Editor of Univers d'Artistes! I'm very honored!


Photos by the near and dear, Dave Levingston.


DanielaKenzie said...

Bravo! I could not agree more with this post. Very well written.

Stephen Haynes said...

Wow! May I start breathing now?

Shadowscapestudio said...

Damn girl, you are starting to sound like me.
I love that image of you on the tree roots.
Keep em coming.

Z said...

Yeah, I'm on board too. Part of the choir, I guess. Good post.

atlanta said...

Great post and I'm totally on board with your feelings about this. I am a male figure model enjoy being able to participate in an element of the creative process from which beautiful art is created. I do not make my living this way and is something I do because I appreciate art, can't draw myself out of a hole, but can offer my nude body. As you would expect, there are only a handful of people, other than those that see me on the modeling stand, that know of this side of my life. Because of the closed mindeness of our fellow Americans I know that many of my colleagues would look down upon this activity. I find that sad that they are limiting their ability to appreciate art and that I have to "hide" this important part of my life.

Alas, this is the state of our country at the moment. I've followed your blog for some time and I appreciate you being so open about your choices and your journeys as you create art.

unbearable lightness said...

Excellent rant! We all should do this quite regularly.

You are right. The attention was well deserved for both you and Matthew. What a collaboration!

Smack Dave for me, OK? I didn't say where.