Monday, May 11, 2009

Fear and Love

The biopsychosocial explanation to all emotions and motivations in humanity. These rule our hearts, our thoughts and our actions. Either individually, in unison or in discord.

I fear too much, and love too little.
Probably due to my dysfunctional childhood, I suppose.


Michael Sloane.


.mosa said...

for me the way you model/pose is an expression of love

Avtar said...

I do not know you, nor is it likely that we shall ever meet. I arrived at your blog post as I was searching for an illustration idea (Google images) for my own next blog post, "Fear and Love: Its Not Personal". I enjoyed spending a brief time with your youth, energy and esthetic expression.
Your comment about love and fear being attached to your "dysfunctional" upbringing reminded me of my own long (I am 55) path to understanding. I am a spiritual person though in no way religious or belief based. What arises on the planet at this time is not of the mind nor known through it. It is the Knowing that has always been dormant within us, activated in a process of awakening to who we are.
In any event, I felt the impulse (notwithstanding all of our obvious dissimilarities)to forward you another way of considering Fear and Love. The planet is one big cycle of "dysfunctional" upbringing, and at the root of all dysfunction and hope we find the words Fear and Love. Perhaps, the most soul crushing aspect of this is that what is planetary (if you doubt me take a look around you, and through history to find at the root of everything this tension of Fear and Love being played out) is layed at the foot of the individual as a personal responsibility, virtue, or fault.
I do not know if my words will have any resonant value for you, but they represent, at minimum, another way of viewing your own relationship to Love and Fear.

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I wish you Joy, Freedom, Self-Knowledge, and above all Love.