Monday, May 25, 2009

One Dave for Another

Read Levingston's and Swanson's blogs for the latest travel updates. I'll do an extensive summary of all my travels once I get home June 1st. Then Matt and I will be gone June 5th for a week of vacation up at the north shore. I'm looking forward to not having any internet or any communication with the outside world for that week. I'm going to make Matt store away his silly iPhone too.

I'm feeling quite lazy today, despite being productive on the potter's wheel. I wrecked two and created two clay bowl shaped... things (the latter only because of Dave's amazing wife's recovery skills on the wheel). Maybe it's the piss poor weather today (although its not that cold, thank goodness!). Or maybe I just need a recharge. I believe I'll get a big boost of energy and quite a few butterflies in my stomach tomorrow...

I'm really looking forward to this trip with Dave. We're going to a couple amazing state parks and then to the Kinsey Show. It should be a blast!

I'm wearing my "Iron Determination" shirt that Matt got me after our 3rd week of shooting. I look at this picture Matt took and cringe though. I'm currently over a month and a half smoke-free and absolutely love being able to breathe again and not having that constant taste of something having died in my mouth. I've heard I smell much better too. Apparently smokers reek, although I wouldn't know it.

Seriously, Dave and his wife are the nicest people ever. I just love them!

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Gary M Photo said...

See you at the Kinsey show!