Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I splurged and bought my favorite artist's CD last week. Fantasies by Metric. Not quite as edgy as their last full length album, but quite possibly more intoxicating.

If you read Stephen's blog, you got the whole scoop on the attendance at the Nude in Minnesota 2 show. It's guaranteed to have a greater attendance tomorrow than Saturday and Sunday combined.

Here's some shots from the opening Friday night.

The "Torn" Series.

Unfortunately, I'm going to be missing most of Thursday night at the gallery and arriving quite late in the evening due to my last choir concert of the season happening on the same night. It will be a really fun concert. I will be the (highest) soprano part on You Could Drive a Person Crazy...


Only one more week of school, including finals. Whoa, that flew by fast.

Less than 2 weeks and I will be on the road with Dave Levingston to Glacier National Park!!


"Womb" by Matthew Scherfenberg.

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