Friday, May 9, 2008

art fag winos

I have an unhealthy attraction to prose and poetry.

It started when my first love started writing me poem after poem. I was astonished at his eloquence, and it was a big reason why I fell in love with him.

It's been downhill ever since.

This is a rarity -
enjoy it.

flashing moments. vacant scars.
they all lead back here.
mirror images remind me that nothing repeats
except the pounding of my proud heart.
dirty fingernails and rotten fruit remind me that
energy does indeed fade.
we die for poison and bleed for cures.
we taste the sweetness of materialism
and defecate our debts and woes.

light cries out and sound is brilliant.
warmth is invading and rude.
friendship is anything but subjective.
your life is how you view it.
Tell me if anything makes sense...
since it was never present.

And last but not least, hats off to the founder and the president of art fag winos: JMG.


Marko Cecic-Karuzic. Manhattan, NY


James M Graham said...

Oh my god, you make me proud in a REALLY perverse sort of way.

Brooke, I count you amongst my friends.



sofija said...

Another lover of poetry! *big grin*

I write daily and submit all the time. Not many poets left anymore... well more like few and far between.

I LOVE all your recent work with Erin, you two are an amazing duo.