Friday, May 2, 2008

It's true: the great things in life are free

Like the Gallery Show tonight!!!

Minneapolis Photo Co-op

Elbow show on Wednesday night. Holy shit. They were awesome. They kind of reminded me of a calmer Muse. *shrug* The Watson Twins were good too... but I get bored easily.

But the best part was, I ran into an acquaintance that I had only met two nights before while I was hanging out with my high school sweetheart.


Well, little did I know that Shawn works Doors at the Fineline...and while I was outside in line, he spotted me, we smoked a cigarette... and then he offered to get me in for free.

Of course, I politely refused.

(hahahaha, yeah right!)

He also gave me a standing invitation to come to any shows for free, as long as he's working.

Well... Okay. If you insist Shawn. ;)

So that set the show off to a good start. He wandered to and from my table throughout the night, and towards the end of it I got him a beer.

It's the least I could do.

It was a great night. Stella, friends and a free awesome show.


"Helix." It's going to be in the show tonight. :)


Matthew Scherfenberg

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SilverMythago said...

"Helix" is an extraordinary image. Well-made.