Sunday, May 18, 2008

forgetful days and blurry nights

Mom and Dad took me to church,
to learn the Word,
and speak it good
I'm sure I was a good enough little girl
made them proud
sing it loud

oh mister judge I wasn't always this way
I just changed one day, realized life's quite the little parade
for a little girl with a freckled face
I smiled wide, guess i lost my pride,
guess I lost my pride

oh I looked straight into the face of jesus
I lifted up my hands and grabbed another man
oh when i was a little a girl
i made a due,
fall in love again,
teach myself the blues, teach myself the blues

that's when i found the bottle and started smoking cigarettes
and I started talking meaner and then I packed up my dress
oh bless this mess, oh bless this mess

so don't tell me about the good Word,
about the finer things in life
don't tell me about your picket fence,
your dodd and loving wife
please just give me a glass of red wine and a steel six string guitar,
if you want to preach the good life then I'll meet you at the bar

so Mom and Dad took me to church to learn the Word to speak it good
I'm sure I was a good enough little girl
made them proud, sing it loud
I will sing it now
I will sing it now

Haley Bonar.
A local from St. Paul.

She's going to be playing at the Southpaw in Brooklyn the night I arrive back in NYC. It'd be cool if I could catch her show.

Except for a couple photographers in Chicago that I have not heard back from, my midwest tour is planned and I'm ready to go. But first will be a 5 day stop in Dubuque and then 6 days on the road for shoots. And almost immediately after I get back home, I'm going to have to head to the airport to hop on my NY flight.

It's going to be a busy 2 1/2 weeks. I like being busy.

I went to 2 gallery shows (that I'm in) last night for N.E. Minneapolis' Annual Art-a-Whirl. First was back at the Mpls Photo Co-op to see Stephen Haynes 8 pieces.

Then to the SpotArt gallery to see Matt Scherfenberg's 7 pieces.
Wet Whip was one of them.

Then off I went to see a group of friends that have been in a band since high school play at Stasiu's. They've gotten so much better.
Plus, there was Stella. Stella always makes the night a little smoother. A little sweeter.


Constantine Gedal.

First with Meagan, second with Erin.

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