Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sometimes, you just get burned.

As did I.

(the far right burn has blistered and is now open. eww. oww.)

While making Macaroni and Cheese.

sigh. I'm such a frickin klutz.

I thought I better give the photographers I'm planning to work with a heads up. It's not quite as extreme as going to a shoot with a new, shiny shaven head when the photographer expects you to have long, flowing hair, and you haven't given them any prior knowledge of any changes. And even though this was an accident, I still thought it be good if y'all know what to expect.

I'm in Lincoln, Nebraska at the moment shooting with Michael Farrell. I just saw the contact sheets from our last shoot in November and.... WOW! I'm so impressed. Now I just have to wait until Fall, after he's done with his one man gallery show featuring his landscape photos, when he will scan all my photos, and send me a *big* print, or two. :)

Tomorrow is Kansas City. Again.

...I'm really scared that this NYC trip is going to fall through....

Maybe I'm just being my typical worrying self.
But maybe I'm not.

Edit: I was being my typical worrying self.

All I know is that I want more moments like this:

I'm a bit homesick. I'm a little tired of driving.
whine, whine, whine.


Excuse the crappycellphonecamerapic.

Rick Poston capturing Gary Breckheimer and I at our best: Vamping with Marylin.


Shadowscapestudio said...

Heal up. And if your plans fall though, you always know where you can go to hang out.

Stephen Haynes said...

Owww, indeed! No fun, but Photoshoppable for those inclined toward that sort of thing. They sure wouldn't stop me! (I've handled much, much worse. No names.)

An excuse to sleep on your back.

Abigail said...

Love Omaha!