Tuesday, May 6, 2008

that's a wrap!

This weekend was very entertaining, to say the least.

I spent a good portion of the weekend hanging out at the Nude in Minnesota gallery show in Minneapolis (entrance view above). It was quite comfortable and energizing to be in that environment for an extended period of time. It really gave me a chance to concentrate on each piece and experience what the artist and that piece were trying to convey.

Schmoozing with all the photographers and models was a hell of a good time too. I have worked with 6 out of the 7 photographers that were showcasing, so we all get along very well. On Friday night, the opening, I also had the chance to meet and chat with Pistol Vegas, which was a real treat. I also got to meet Abigail Stewart, Daniela Kenzie, Dani Lion and a couple other fantastic models. :)

Speaking about fantastic models, Erin also joined me for the weekend event. It's unbelievable how her presence just lights up a room. :) She has a couple adorable cellphone pics, that I know I wont be able to resist posting here (just as soon as she sends me them.)

In between schmoozing, visiting and observing, I enjoyed my ample share of delectable specialty cheeses, Stephen's famous risotto, and copious amounts of small glasses of pinot grigio. I was very giggly by the end of the night. ;)

Saturday late afternoon, after the show, a few of us (Stephen Haynes, Dave Swanson, Matt Scherfenberg, Matt [Erin's friend], Erin and I) went to the Convention Grill, highly recommended by Stephen. Last time I was there with Stephen, I had a Caesar Salad. This time, I ignored all calorie counts (like I count calories anyway...) and went with the Grilled Cheese Club, fries and a monster Butterfinger malt split with Erin... omg. Sooo good.

Despite my dubious thoughts, some very special people in my life managed to make it to the show. One was my grandmother and her significant other, and the other was my high school sweetheart. All of them seemed pleasantly surprised about the content of the show, and were able to see past the "nekkid chick" and experience the intended artistic vision.

Overall, I think the show was a success for the inaugural Nude in Minnesota gallery show. There weren't a lot of prints sold yet, as far as I'm aware, and the advertising wasn't the best, but for the first year... I think we had a very good turnout. Needless to say, I'm very excited for next year.

Now, I'm in Dubuque Iowa, hanging out with the BFF until tomorrow afternoon, until my pottery class. Then I need to get my ass in gear and start seriously planning my midwest trip I'm supposed to be doing in the last week in May.

sigh. I'm a happy girl. :)


The Gallery Show from the entrance view. Stephen Haynes.

Michael Sloane, from a swanky hotel in DT Minneapolis.

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Stephen Haynes said...

You forgot to mention pigging out on fries and a butterfinger malted milkshake at the Convention Grill Saturday night, with a few photographers and your BFF.

Yeah, it was a good weekend, I'm still in decompress mode.